Ajax Slide Door Maintenance

Ajax Slide Door Maintenance

Ajax Slide Door Maintenance is mainly about garage doors and their overhead mechanism that needs regular care. The balance of the door should be checked monthly and Ajax Slide Door Maintenance team is ready to do it for you. One should be able to raise and lower the door without any resistance and it should smoothly roll along the tracks and should remain stationary at any point of travel and this is where Ajax Slide Door Maintenance comes in. we will help you maintain all your doors in good condition, any time of the year. Call us 24/7!

Ajax Slide Door Maintenance
Ajax Slide Door Maintenance

Usually a door that does not pass these tests is out of balance and should be adjusted. It is usually recommended that only our trained door technician will adjust or replace the springs. We are here to service your door all 24/7.

All moving parts of the door should be lubricated monthly also. The door tracks should never be lubricated since the lubricant will only create a sticky surface on the track that can attract more dirt and grime, resulting in a door that is really difficult to operate. The bearings, hinges, and rollers should be lubricated for proper and safe operation. Torsion springs should also be lubricated with a light coat of oil to reduce the friction between the coils and to eliminate any noises and to even increase the life of the springs.

Garage doors with extension springs would normally be installed with a restraint cable running through the centre of these springs. This is necessary because the springs weaken from the fatigue and stress exerted on the steel wire from opening and closing the door. If an extension spring breaks, it can seriously injure anyone present in the garage or damage adjacent property. The cable running through the centre restrains the spring in the event of a failure.

Most overhead garage doors are equipped with torsion springs, which do not need safety restraint cables since the torsion shaft running through the springs restrains the spring if it breaks. Torsion springs are superior to extension springs since they are easier to fine tune and balance the weight of the door more evenly.

The bottom roller brackets located at the bottom corners of the door are always under extreme tension since the counterbalance cables are attached to these brackets. Therefore, one should never attempt to remove or loosen the screws that attach these brackets to the door as serious injury can result. This also applies to other spring hardware such as the set of screws, cable drums, lag screws, centre bearing plate, and more.

Call us for help with your garage door or any other door around your property. We are always coming to your help, no matter of the time of the day you need us. Call us today!

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