Bolton Replacing Aluminium Doors

Bolton Replacing Aluminium Doors

Bolton Replacing Aluminium Doors will perform for you a screen door or storm door replacement or repair at any time. If in need of a new storm or screen door, or in need to repair your existing one, call Bolton Replacing Aluminium Doors. Our services are fast, dependable and cost-efficient so call Bolton Replacing Aluminium Doors for any door problems you have. Call us 24/7!

Bolton Replacing Aluminium Doors
Bolton Replacing Aluminium Doors

In order to replace or repair your screen or storm door, first there is a need to take it off. Taking off an old aluminium door is usually just a case of unscrewing the mounting screws on the door, closer and safety chain. But sometimes there is caulk around the frame. You can usually cut through the caulk with a utility knife. But worse yet, you could find old caulk between the frame and the door casing. If so, you will have to pry the frame away with an old chisel and scrape the trim surfaces clean. A heat gun may help soften the caulk.

If you are looking to replace the door, first get rid of an old door by throwing the glass panel in the trash, and then cut up the aluminium frame and door with a circular saw and a carbide-tipped blade. Toss the pieces into the recycling bin.

Wooden storm doors generally have hinges that are mortised (notched into the wood) and screwed to the door casing. Do not worry about the hinge or latch recesses. When you install your new storm door, they will be hidden behind the new door frame.

Lift the door into the opening and pry it against the hinge-side casing with a twist from rubber-handled pliers on the latch side. Screw the hinge Z-bar into the door casing side. It is important to mount the door tightly to the hinge-side trim. Pry against the latch side to make sure it snug up tight.

After installing the door sweep and closers, adjust the closer tension. Begin with the window panel rather than the screen in place. The closers should be set with the door at its heaviest. You may want to reset a gentler setting for the screen panel. 

In any case you think you would like a professional touch in replacing your screen door call us for a fast door service. This way you can be sure the work is done right and 100% secure. Call us 24/7!

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