Door Care Toronto

Door Care Toronto

Door Care Toronto will service all your doors, residential and commercial as one, no matter when you need our service. Door Care Toronto is going to repair, replace and install new doors, no matter if they are exterior or interior doors, rolling, sliding or overhead. Door Care Toronto is available day and night for all your door needs. Call us now for service!

Door Care Toronto
Door Care Toronto


Taking care of doors is one of our speciality and we have experience, skills and all tools needed to properly repair, replace or install any of them.

Many DIY tasks seem easy at first but quickly become more involved. Door repair is one area that is more complicated than it seems. Businesses should always call our professional for door repair to keep their doors safe, secure, and efficient.


Locks are small mechanisms that have huge impacts on the safety and security of your business. In order for a lock to function properly, it is crucial that the door is aligned perfectly with the door frame. A door that is misaligned by only a few millimetres can render a locking mechanism useless, leaving your company’s assets at risk.

Commercial doors, such as roll-up doors and automatic doors, often have moving parts and mechanisms needed to function. Someone inexperienced with these components could accidentally damage them, which could cause your doors to stop working altogether.


Even simple DIY projects can land a person in the emergency room, and commercial door repairs are no exception. Having an employee attempt to fix a door without training and the right tools can lead to serious injuries, especially when it comes to doors with moving parts and electrical components. Our professionals are more experienced with the tools needed to repair a door, and they will also be insured.


While the cost of professional assistance may seem high, hiring a professional can save your business money in the long run. An improperly repaired door can add to your energy costs and result in break-ins, injuries, and other security issues.

When you are ready to work with an authorized door repair company who specializes in commercial doors and can service multiple locations, contact us.

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