Essential Child Door Safety Products

 Essential Child Door Safety Products

For babies, toddlers and infants, safety is very important. There are many places around the house that can pose a threat to children, including outlets, stoves and more. With that being said, every precaution should be taken to protect the lives of young people. Oftentimes, the natural curiosity of children causes them to get into things that could be potentially dangerous.
One of the most common injuries occurring in young children involves doors- babies, toddlers and infants have a tendency to hurt their fingers around these structures. Unfortunately, unlike furniture, doors cannot be moved, so the only way to prevent children from hurting themselves is to place products on the door, or to block off the door from the child. We know that these injuries are unintentional and accident related, so the next step to take would be to find solutions that prevent young children from accidentally harming themselves when exploring the home. There are a variety of products that serve to keep children safe when coming into contact with doors because there are many ways that children can get hurt when lingering around a door.

The first recommended product to prevent child injury when coming into contact with doors would be the door knob cover. Door knob covers are great because they help to prevent children from opening doors and entering unwanted areas. The trick to the door knob cover is that the grip of the cover is made larger than the actual door knob and spins when a child tries to turn it. Although the door knob cover is difficult for children to grip, adults are able to grip and use this product perfectly.
The next product is the door pinch guard. A pinch guard works by preventing the closing of doors, which inevitably prevents both door slamming and the pinching of fingers. A door pinch guard is used over hinges or directly on the door. This product is also great because it prevents children from locking themselves in rooms.
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