Retail Automatic Door Repair Markham

Retail Automatic Door Repair Markham

Retail Automatic Door Repair Markham has many benefits, among them being local, mobile and fast, together with affordable priced service. Retail Automatic Door Repair Markham team can be at your side in less than 20 minutes when you call for our assistance. Retail Automatic Door Repair Markham teams can help you not only with your automatic door, but also with all doors on your property. Repair, replacement or installation of doors needed? Call us 24/7!

Retail Automatic Door Repair Markham
Retail Automatic Door Repair Markham

The first thing your customers encounter is your door. Automatic doors make a positive impression on your customers by making it easy for them to come into your shop. Automatic doors can also help to make your business safer, quieter and more comfortable. With the automatic doors installed by our professionals, your customers will be able to enter your business with ease. Here are some additional benefits.

  • Eases Traffic Flow – Automatic doors make it easier to control traffic flow in and out of your store. Customers will not be slowed down by manual or revolving doors. They will be able to safely and easily walk through as the door opens for them.
  • Hands Free Solution – Automatic doors make it easy for your customers to enter and exit your building even if their hands are full. Parents holding the hands of their children will appreciate not having to let go of their child’s hands to open the door. The automatic doors are also convenient for patrons who have their hands full with shopping bags, a purse or a package after shopping in your store.
  • Compliance with the Disabilities Act – Automatic doors are always in compliance with the Disabilities Act. Instead of relying on a manual door that is difficult for someone in a wheel chair or who walks with a cane or braces to open, these doors open automatically with just the touch of a button. These doors are built to be wide enough for a wheel chair to easily pass through.
  • Enhancement of Energy Efficiency – The automatic closing mechanisms are sensitive to the building’s construction and can be securely locked when your business is closed for the day. These automatic doors are also sensitive to weather conditions and will not allow unwanted air exchange with the outdoors. This can help to lower your business’s heating and cooling costs.

When in need of an automatic door maintenance or repair, call our team for a fast response and a reliable and affordable service. Call us 24/7!

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