Richmond Hill Door Hinges Repair

Richmond Hill Door Hinges Repair

Richmond Hill Door Hinges Repair will have one of the mobile teams ready to come to your door at any moment you call. Richmond Hill Door Hinges Repair will not only repair but also replace or install new hinges on your doors if needed. Call Richmond Hill Door Hinges Repair to service you right now. Call us 24/7!

Richmond Hill Door Hinges Repair
Richmond Hill Door Hinges Repair

If your hinge pins are covered in rust, you might want to scrub your pins with steel wool. Take care when removing and returning the hinge pins to avoid damaging the door or injuring yourself. If the hinge is squeaking, one pf the methods to make it stop will be to apply wax on the hinge pins. Here is how to do it yourself.

Purchase paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is commonly found in candles, though you can find it in a raw form at many craft stores. Raw wax is white, odourless, and is usually sold in small cubes or larger slabs. If you buy wax in a candle form, check the label to make sure you purchase paraffin wax. Beeswax can work as an alternative, though it is generally more rare. Old paraffin candles, even those with scents or colours, can be used to lubricate hinge pins.

Melt your candle wax over a stove or microwave. If you have an electric stove, heat your paraffin wax over it until completely melted. Gas stoves are unsafe for melting wax because, if overheated, it can ignite flammable wax vapors. Use a microwave to heat your wax if you have a gas stove for 1:30-2:00 minute segments until the wax has melted evenly. Use a thermometer to measure your wax’s temperature. Paraffin wax’s melting point is generally around 284°F (140°C).

Dip the hinge pins in hot wax. Remove the hinge pins and dip them into the hot wax, aiming for an even coat covering the entire pin.

Put the pins back into the hinges. Wait until the wax has cooled to avoid it dripping off the pins. This should take 5-10 minutes. Test the door several times to make sure the squeaking has stopped.

Recoat the hinge pins with wax until the squeaking stops. Sometimes a singular coat of paraffin wax will not be enough to stop the sound. Continue coating the hinge pins in wax until your squeaking problem is solved. Because the wax residue is thinner than oil, you do not need to wipe off excess wax after each coat.

Keep in mind that noisy door is not always provoked by the hinges. To make sure everything works properly, call us for any kind of door service. Call us today!

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